DDIMario Game Rules
  1. DDIMario exists to help you and your articles shine.

  2. If you need help, try Create a Task.

  3. You can ask for help from other Marios such as

    • Commenting on your article (on any site);

    • More tasks are added over time;

  4. But to create a task, you will need DDINs in your wallet;

  5. You can get DDINs only by completing tasks or purchasing DDINs;

  6. If you are regular contributors to DDI medium or DDI main site, you will get 20 free DDINs on signup;

  7. If not, you will get 5 free DDINs on signup;

  8. If you complete a task, and the task is approved by task creator, you will receive DDINs;

  9. DDINs will be unlocked for USD payout based on the following rules:

    • Each user can sell part of his/her DDINs to DDIMario at a price of DDIN = USP (User Selling Price);

    • USP is initially at USD $0.30 per DDIN, but will rise over time to as much as USD $0.70;

    • User can unlock DDINs payout based on the following rules:

      • 60% of DDIN balance can be unlocked for USD conversion when balance is above 50 DDINs; some examples below.

      • If DDIN balance hits 50 DDINs, 30 DDINs can be sold to DDIMario at USP; 

      • If DDIN balance hits 100 DDINs, 60 DDINs can be sold to DDIMario at USP;

      • If DDIN balance hits 150 DDINs, 90 DDINs can be sold to DDIMario at USP;

      • The above rules will be revised over time.

  10.  USP will be based on algorithmic rules designed to align User’s behavior with the overall gain and performance of the DDImario community. More details on this will be set out in the future.

Any questions, please contact mario@ddimario.com